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Robyn Hood
TV series - global tv
created by:  director x
A Sisterly Christmas poster.jpg
A Sisterly christmas
TV Movie - oprah winfrey network
Directed by: Jerry Lamothe

Co-starring in A Sisterly Christmas was an exhilarating experience from start to finish.  What an honour and pleasure it was to play big sis to Deborah Joy Winans in a comedic, not-your-average Christmas movie! 


And it was teeming with Black Excellence, in front of and behind the camera!  Black cast, Black director, Black DOP, Black writer and broadcast on a Black-owned network.  It was a colourful re-imagining of what possibilities lay ahead for me as a Black woman actor and producer myself.

Click here for PRESS & interviews I did for A Sisterly ChristmasI

band ladies
Web Series - highball tv
Directed by: Molly flood

At the top of the year in 2020, Band Ladies was released on Highball TV (and you can still watch it, here!)

It's an incredibly fun and funny project where I co-star as an uptight lawyer-turned-stage slayer, alongside a killer cast of incredible womyn I call friends.  My performance in this 6-episode series earned me a nomination for my first Canadian Screen Award!  The series itself won a number of film festival awards and garnered a healthy amount of press.  


Check out the full PRESS list for Band Ladies here.

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